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Atrophy of Multifidus Muscle on Low Back Pain Patients.
Bae, Ji Hye , Na, Jin Kyung , Yu, Ji Yun , Park, Yong Ok
Ann Rehabil Med. 2001;25(4):684-691.
Risk Factors of Low Back Pain in a General Population.
Chon, Joongson , Kim, Seong Won , Kim, Sung Soo , Kim, Yong Geol , Choi, Hyun Jin , Ahn, Kyung Hoi , Kim, Hee Sang , Kang, Hyung Gon , Lim, Ji Young , Lee, Young Jin
Ann Rehabil Med. 2000;24(5):981-987.
Comparison of Therapeutic Effect between Continuous Epidural Injection with Catheter and Intermittent Epidural Injection without Catheter in Patients with Low Back Pain.
Park, Chang Il , Jung, Woo Sung , Kim, Jong Chul , Kim, Mi Jung , Lee, Sang Gun
Ann Rehabil Med. 2000;24(4):741-746.
Back Exercise Program with Lumbar Extension Resisting Exercise in Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain.
Lee, Kang Woo , Kwon, Jeong Yi , Kim, Hyeon Sook , Lee, Byung Sub , Kang, Jey Young , Park, Won Hah
Ann Rehabil Med. 2000;24(3):536-541.
Effect of Lumbar Extensor Strengthening in Chronic Low Back Pain Patients.
Park, Young Jae , Choi, Ki Sub , Lee, Sang Gun
Ann Rehabil Med. 2000;24(2):295-300.
Correlation between Cross-sectional Areas of Paraspinal Muscles and Isometric Lumbar Extension Strength.
Kwon, Jeong Yi , Lee, Kang Woo , Kim, Hyeon Sook , Kim, Jong Moon , Ahn, Joong Mo
Ann Rehabil Med. 2000;24(2):275-280.
Clinico-radiologic Findings of the Whole Spine in Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain.
Kim, Kweon Young
Ann Rehabil Med. 2000;24(1):137-145.
Pain and Psychometric Characteristics Related to Disability Evaluation in Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain.
Sohn, Min Kyun , Chae, Jin Mok , Yune, Seung Ho
Ann Rehabil Med. 2000;24(1):125-131.
Evaluation of Epidural Injection with Modified Dallas Pain Questionnaire in Patients with Low Back Pain.
Kim, Jong Chul , Kim, Hyun Bae , Kim, Mi Jung , Lee, Sang Gun
Ann Rehabil Med. 2000;24(1):108-116.
The Significance of Anti-type I Collagen Antibody Titer in Occupational Low Back Pain.
Lee, Jongmin , Kwon, Yong Wook , Kim, Soo Keun , Lim, Hyun Sul , Kim, Ji Yong , Chung, Junho
Ann Rehabil Med. 2000;24(1):100-107.
Musculoskeletal Problems in Pregnancy.
Kwon, Yong Wook , Choi, Jong Chul , Lee, Jongmin , Sim, Jae Chul
Ann Rehabil Med. 1999;23(6):1236-1241.
The Effect of Spinal Manipulation for Patients with Acute Low Back Pain.
Son, Cheol Ho , Oh, Sang Hyang , Kim, Min Sung , Kim, Soo A , Nam, Ki Suk , Park, Sang Il , Choi, Eun , Lee, Yang Gyun
Ann Rehabil Med. 1999;23(4):848-852.
A Clinical Analysis for the Long Term Effect of the Epidural Injections with Steroid and Local Anesthetics in Low Back Pain Patients.
Lee, Jeong Gon , Woo, Bong Sik , Kim, Mi Jung , Lee, Sang Gun
Ann Rehabil Med. 1999;23(2):365-370.
Efficacy of Epidural Injection of Hypertonic Saline, Steroid and Local Anesthetics in Patients with Low Back and Radiating Pain.
Kim, Hyun Bae , Kim, Mi Jung , Choi, Ki Sub , Lee, Sang Gun
Ann Rehabil Med. 1999;23(1):129-133.
Low Back Pain Caused by Discitis of Lumbar in Aplastic Anemia Patient: A case report.
Rhee, Won Ihl , Yang, Seung Han , Moon, Seung Guk
Ann Rehabil Med. 1998;22(4):979-982.
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