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Journal of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine 1996;20(1):27.
The Morphologic Classification of Foot in Korean
Seung-Sug Baek, M.D., Si-Bog Park, M.D. , Kang-Mok Lee, M.D.
Department of Rehabilitaion Medicine, College of Medicine, Hanyang University
한국인 발의 형태적 분류
백승석, 박시복, 이강목
한양대학교 의과대학 재활의학교실

The aim of this study is to classify the foot type in Korean according to digital formula and metatarsal formula using foot X-rays(anteroposterior view) of 201 persons' right feet.

were as follows:

1) The most common digital type of Koreans was Egyptian foot (50.2%), and next common type were squared foot (29.4%), and then Greek foot (20.3%).

2) The most common metatarsal type was index plus type (55.7%) and next common type were index plus minus type (33.3%), and then index minus type (10.9%).

3) The hallux valgus was closely associated with index plus type foot (p<0.001).

4) There was significant correlation between digital formula and metatarsal formula (p<0.001).

5) There was significant correlation between first metatarsophalangeal angle and first intermetatarsal angle (p<0.001).

According to the above mentioned morphologic classification of foot, the correlation between each foot types and foot deformities, ideal foot wear in Koreans should be studied further.

Key Words: Digital formula, Metatarsal formula, Egyptian foot, Index plus type, Hallux valgus


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