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Journal of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine 1990;14(2):11.
A Follow-up Study of Upper Extremity Amputees about Their Status of Rehabilitation
Eun Su Cho, M.D., Hae Won Moon, M.D., Yun Hee Kim, M.D., , Young Tae Choi, M.D.
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Presbyterian Medical Center, Chonju, Korea
상지절단자의 재활상태에 대한 추적관찰
조은수, 문혜원, 김연희, 최영태
전주 예수병원 재활의학과

Upper extremity amputees who reside in the rural areas were followed up via questionnaires about their status of rehabilitation using prostheses.

The results were as follows;

1) The mean age at the time of amputation was 34.9 years. Above elbow and below elbow amputees accounted for 80% of all cases.

2) Prostheses were made by 80% and cosmetic hands were 62.5% of them.

3) Prostheses were worn by 81.3% all or part time of the day and 93.7% used their prostheses only for cosmetic purposes.

4) 60% were unemployed and 55% lost their jobs after amputation. Needs and request for employment were relatively low, but 5 cases who needed a job all wanted vocational training.

Key Words: Upper extremity amputees, Prostheses, Rehabilitation


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