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Journal of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine 1992;16(3):302-309.
Twin embolization syndrome as a cause of cerebral palsy: case report.
Kang, Sae Yoon , Moon, Jeong Lim , Kim, Joon Sung , Kim, Ok Hwa
Department of Rahabilitation Medicine and Department of Radiology Catholic University Medical College
뇌성마비를 동반한
강세윤, 문정림, 김준성, 김옥화
가톨릭대학교 의과대학 재활의학교실 및 방사선과학교실

Prematurity is the main factor influencing the occurrence of brain damage in twins, it is rate that twining itself plays a leading role in the etiology of cerebral palsy. Several authors have reported brain damage in the surviving twin who had a stillborn macerated co-twin, and they considered the pathogenic mechanism accounting for brain lesions as twin embolization syndrome.

Twin embolization syndrome, a complication following in-utero dimise of one twin is the passage of thromboplastin like material or embolic debris into circulation of the surviving twin, which results in a variety of ischemic or vascular disruptive defects of the central nervous system is the most common complication reported in monozygotic twin survivors.

We describe a patient with cerebral palsy and seizure in whom MRI demonstrated a porencephalic cyst on parieto-occipital area, left with periventricullar leukomalacia and normal myelinization pattern considering of his age.

The patient was the product of a twin pregnancy with stillborn, macerated co-twin, but had mo history of dystocia, prematurity or abruptio placenta.

So, we consider that the most likely interpretation for the pathogenesis of cerebral lesion in this patient with cerebral palsy and seizure is twin embolization syndrome.

Key Words: Twin emboilization syndrome, Monozygotic twin, Cerebral palsy, Seizure, Brain MRI


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