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Journal of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine 2000;24(5):953-958.
Analysis of Torque Curve in Isokinetic Knee Dynamometer.
Lee, Shi Uk , Han, Tai Ryoon , Bang, Moon Suk
1Department of Sports Medicine, Seongkyunkwan University Samsung Medical Center.
2Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Seoul National University College of Medicine.
등속성 근력 측정기를 이용한 슬관절 우력 곡선의 분석
이시욱1,2, 한태륜2, 방문석2
1성균관의대 삼성서울병원 스포츠의학과, 2서울대학교 의과대학 재활의학교실

To analyze the patterns of isokinetic knee torque curves in normal population and determine the characteristics of those curves.

Two hundred and eightly-six normal subjects were included. The isokinetic knee torque curves were divided into three parts; to the angle of peak torque generation, to the point 10∼20 degrees prior to end of joint motion, and to the end of joint motion. Each part was classified as convex(1), flat(2) and concave(3) type according to the shape. The curves were named such as 1-2-2 in order. Types of the curves, peak torque, angle of knee at peak torque, total acceleration energy, age, and sex of the subjects were compared.

For knee extensors, frequencies of the curve types were 1-2-2(A), 1-2-1(B), 1-3-1(C), and 1-3-2(D). Mean ages of type A and B curves were slightly higher than types of C and D. Mean peak torque was greatest in type D. For knee flexors, the frequencies were 1-2-2(A), 1-2-1(B), and 1-1-2(C). Female predominance were found in type B while type C was found mostly in male. Mean peak torque was greatest in type C.

The most common torque curve type was 1-2-2 for knee extensors and flexors. Torque curve types of knee extensors showed differences in age and torque curve types of knee flexors showed differences in sexual distribution.

Key Words: Isokinetic dynamometer, Torque curve, Knee extensor, Knee flexor


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