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Journal of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine 2006;30(4):333-339.
Neuroprotective Effect of Exogenous Growth Hormone in Brain Injury-Rat Model.
Yang, Hee Seung , Chun, Min Ho , Kim, Don Kyu , Kim, Sang Tae , Jo, Hee Jin
1Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Soonchunhyang University College of Medicine, Korea.
2Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Korea. mhchun@amc.seoul.kr
3Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Chungang University College of Medicine, Korea.
4Nucleomagnetic Resonance Laboratory, Asan Institute for Life Sciences, Korea.
뇌손상 백서 모델에서의 성장호르몬의 뇌 보호 효과
양희승, 전민호1, 김돈규2, 김상태3, 조희진3
순천향대학교 의과대학 재활의학교실, 1울산대학교 의과대학 재활의학교실, 2중앙대학교 의과대학 재활의학교실, 3아산생명과학 연구소
To evaluate the neuroprotective effect of growth hormone (GH) following lateral fluid percussion brain injury.
Sprague-Dawley rats weighing 200∼250 g were subjected to moderate lateral fluid percussion brain injury and evaluated at 1, 7, 14 and 28 days post-injury. Rats were divided into control and GH pretreatment groups. GH (10 μg/10μl) or normal saline (10μg/10μl) was administered by intracerebro-ventricular injection 30 min before brain injury. We measured histopathological changes with TUNEL and toluidine blue Nissl stain and conducted motor function tests and an 8-arm radial maze test to identify neurobehavioral deficits and cognitive deficits, respectively, at oneday to 4 weeks post-injury.
In the pretreated GH group, a significant reduction in TUNEL-positive cells was found compared with the control group at 1 day and 1 week post-injury (p<0.05). The pretreated GH group showed significantly greater improvement than controls motor function tests at 1 day post-injury (p<0.05) and in an 8-arm radial maze test at 2 and 4 weeks post-injury (p<0.05).
These findings suggested that GH had a neuroprotective effect in neuronal cell death, motor function and cognitive deficits following experimental brain injury. (J Korean Acad Rehab Med 2006; 30: 333-339)
Key Words: Growth hormone, Traumatic brain injury, Motor function test, Maze test


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