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Journal of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine 2010;34(5):577-582.
Sonographic Measurement of the Tibialis Posterior Tendon Diameters and Cross Sectional Area in Normal Korean Adults.
Min, Ji Hye , Rhee, Won Ihl , Ko, Young Jin
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, College of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea, Korea. yjko@catholic.ac.kr
정상 한국인 성인에서 초음파를 이용한 후경골건 직경과 단면적 연구
민 지 혜, 이 원 일, 고 영 진
가톨릭대학교 의과대학 재활의학교실
To provide normal reference values of the sonographic diameters and cross sectional area (CSA) of the posterior tibialis tendon (PTT) in Korean adults for early diagnosis and treatment of PTT dysfunction.
240 feet from 120 healthy volunteers (63 males; 57 females, mean age: 36.40±11.37) were included in this study. Those with a previous history of surgery or trauma to the lower extremities and systemic disease, such as, hypertension, diabetes, or rheumatoid arthritis were excluded. PTT was examined through ultrasonograhy with the patient placed in the prone oblique position, with the knee extended, and ankle dorsiflexed to neutral angle. We evaluated the anterioposterior (AP) and transverse diameter and CSA of the PTT along the line that connected from the posteroinferior angle of the medial malleolus to the heel.
The AP diameter of PTT measured by sonography was 3.42±0.03 mm and the transverse diameter of the PTT was 9.20±0.08 mm. The CSA was 21.46±0.26 mm2. Differences in diameters and CSA related to sidedness, sex did not show statistical significance (p>0.05). There was weak linear relationship in AP and transverse diameter and CSA with weight, height, leg and foot length.
The normal Korean reference values of the PTT diameter and CSA that we obtained from ultrasonography can be used as useful reference data in diagnosing early pathologic conditions of PTT dysfunction. (J Korean Acad Rehab Med 2010; 34: 577-582)
Key Words: Ultrasonography, Tibialis posterior tendon, Diameter, Cross sectional area


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