Clinical Practice Guideline for Postoperative Rehabilitation in Older Patients With Hip Fractures
Kyunghoon Min, Jaewon Beom, Bo Ryun Kim, Sang Yoon Lee, Goo Joo Lee, Jung Hwan Lee, Seung Yeol Lee, Sun Jae Won, Sangwoo Ahn, Heui Je Bang, Yonghan Cha, Min Cheol Chang, Jung-Yeon Choi, Jong Geol Do, Kyung Hee Do, Jae-Young Han, Il-Young Jang, Youri Jin, Dong Hwan Kim, Du Hwan Kim, In Jong Kim, Myung Chul Kim, Won Kim, Yun Jung Lee, In Seok Lee, In-Sik Lee, JungSoo Lee, Chang-Hyung Lee, Seong Hoon Lim, Donghwi Park, Jung Hyun Park, Myungsook Park, Yongsoon Park, Ju Seok Ryu, Young Jin Song, Seoyon Yang, Hee Seung Yang, Ji Sung Yoo, Jun-il Yoo, Seung Don Yoo, Kyoung Hyo Choi, Jae-Young Lim
Ann Rehabil Med. 2021;45(3):225-259.   Published online 2021 Jun 30     DOI:
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