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Sonographic Measurement of the Tibialis Posterior Tendon Diameters and Cross Sectional Area in Normal Korean Adults.
Min, Ji Hye , Rhee, Won Ihl , Ko, Young Jin
Ann Rehabil Med. 2010;34(5):577-582.
Atlantoaxial Subluxation in Undifferentiated Spondyloarthropathy: A case report.
Rhee, Won Ihl , Jeung, In Suek , Heo, Nam Yeon , Han, Zee A , Mok, Sung Kyun
Ann Rehabil Med. 2008;32(3):361-365.
The Assessment of Functional Change in Ischemic Stroke Rat.
Lim, Seong Hoon , Lee, Jung Soo , Lee, Be Na , Min, Ji Hye , Lee, Jong In , Rhee, Won Ihl , Ko, Young Jin , Kim, Hye Won
Ann Rehabil Med. 2008;32(3):253-257.
Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyradiculoneuropathy in Patient with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: A case report.
Rhee, Won Ihl , Lee, Jin A , Shin, Chang Hyuk , Lee, Jin Young
Ann Rehabil Med. 2008;32(1):112-115.
Comparison of Fixed Distance Stimulation and Distal Wrist Crease Stimulation in Median Motor Conduction Study.
Kim, Hyeong Jin , Lee, Be Na , Shin, Chang Hyuk , Lee, Jin Young , Rhee, Won Ihl
Ann Rehabil Med. 2008;32(1):84-88.
Prevalence of Denervation Potentials from Foot Intrinsic and Lumbosacral Paraspinal Muscles in Asymptomatic Persons in Korea.
Oh, Ju Sun , Lee, Be Na , Lim, Jeong Hoon , Song, Dae Heon , Rhee, Won Ihl
Ann Rehabil Med. 2008;32(1):80-83.
Anatomic Study of Injection Point of Piriformis Muscle on Cadaver Study.
Min, Ji Hye , Choi, Eun Suk , Rhee, Won Ihl , Kim, Go Woon , Lee, Be Na
Ann Rehabil Med. 2008;32(1):62-66.
Neuropathic Arthropathy Induced by Syringomyelia due to Arnold-Chiari I Malformation: A case report.
Rhee, Won Ihl , Lee, Gina , Lee, Jin Young , Kim, Yoon Hee , Park, Young Mook
Ann Rehabil Med. 2007;31(2):252-256.
The Success Rate of Superior Approach Glenohumeral Injection in Patients with Frozen Shoulder.
Kim, Joon Sung , Kwon, Jeong Yi , Jeung, In Suek , Rhee, Won Ihl , Im, Sun , Kim, Hyun Jin , Yoon, Sun Mi
Ann Rehabil Med. 2007;31(1):37-40.
Percutaneous Radiologic Gastrostomy in a Locked-in Syndrome Patient : A case report.
Hong, Bo Young , Kim, Joon Sung , Kwon, Jeong Yi , Baik, Jun Hyun , Rhee, Won Ihl
Ann Rehabil Med. 2006;30(6):670-673.
Hemodynamic Change after Half Body Bathing in Patients with Cardiovascular Risk Factor.
Rhee, Won Ihl , Seong, Nam Seok , Kim, Go Woon
Ann Rehabil Med. 2005;29(6):647-653.
Sensory Thresholds of Normal Human Feet Using Semmes-Weinstein Monofilament.
Rhee, Won Ihl , Joa, Kyung Hee , Yang, Yoo Jin
Ann Rehabil Med. 2004;28(3):236-239.
Low Back Pain Caused by Discitis of Lumbar in Aplastic Anemia Patient: A case report.
Rhee, Won Ihl , Yang, Seung Han , Moon, Seung Guk
Ann Rehabil Med. 1998;22(4):979-982.
Analysis of Upper Extremity Motion during Drinking Using Virtual Reality Motion Analysis System(VRMAS).
Yang, Seung Han , Rhee, Won Ihl , Son, Seong Gon , Kwon, Soon Yong , Kim, Min Gi
Ann Rehabil Med. 1998;22(1):204-209.
Traumatic Knee Contracture after Operation.
Rhee, Won Ihl , Yang, Seung Han , Suh, Sun Sook
Ann Rehabil Med. 1998;22(1):100-105.


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