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Effects of Breathing Exercises in Patients With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Nutsupa Ubolnuar, Anong Tantisuwat, Premtip Thaveeratitham, Somrat Lertmaharit, Chathipat Kruapanich, Witaya Mathiyakom
Ann Rehabil Med. 2019;43(4):509-523.   Published online August 31, 2019
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Successful Extubation After Weaning Failure by Noninvasive Ventilation in Patients With Neuromuscular Disease: Case Series
Sun Mi Kim, Seong-Woong Kang, Young-Chul Choi, Yoon Ghil Park, Yu Hui Won
Ann Rehabil Med. 2017;41(3):450-455.   Published online June 29, 2017
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Motor Neuron Disease Presenting With Acute Respiratory Failure: A Case Study
Hyeonjun Oh, Seong Woong Kang, Won Ah Choi, Jang Woo Lee, Miri Suh, Eun Young Kim
Ann Rehabil Med. 2017;41(2):328-331.   Published online April 27, 2017
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Development of a Novel Alarm System to Improve Adaptation to Non-invasive Ventilation in Patients With High Cervical Spinal Cord Injury
Sang Hun Kim, Yong Beom Shin, Myung Hun Jang, Soo-Yeon Kim, Jung Hoon Ro
Ann Rehabil Med. 2016;40(5):955-958.   Published online October 31, 2016
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The Significance of Transcutaneous Continuous Overnight CO2 Monitoring in Determining Initial Mechanical Ventilator Application for Patients with Neuromuscular Disease
Soon Kyu Lee, Dong-hyun Kim, Won Ah Choi, Yu Hui Won, Sun Mi Kim, Seong-Woong Kang
Ann Rehabil Med. 2012;36(1):126-132.   Published online February 29, 2012
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Noninvasive Ventilatory Support in a Patient with Bilateral Phrenic Nerve Palsy: A Case Report.
Choi, Seung Ho , Kang, Seong Woong , Choi, Won Ah , Moon, Jae Ho , Lee, Soon Kyu
Ann Rehabil Med. 2011;35(1):133-136.
A Research on the Management of Ventilatory Insufficiency in Patients with Neuromuscular Diseases.
Kim, Dong Hyun , Kang, Seong Woong , Choi, Wonah , Moon, Jae Ho , Baek, Jong Hoon , Choi, Seung Ho , Park, Jung Hyun , Shin, Yong Beom , Seo, Jung Hwan
Ann Rehabil Med. 2010;34(3):347-354.
The Utility of Non-invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation Support during the Procedure of Percutaneous Gastrostomyin Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.
Choi, Won Ah , Kim, Wan , Kang, Seong Woong , Kim, Han Seung , Park, Jung Hyun , Ryu, Ho Hyun
Ann Rehabil Med. 2008;32(6):664-667.
Non-invasive Intermittent Positive Pressure Ventilation Apply to Complete Tetraplegia due to C1 Spinal Cord Injury: A case report.
Park, Jung Hyun , Kang, Seong Woong , Cho, Dong Hee
Ann Rehabil Med. 2004;28(5):501-504.
Quality of Life in Patients with Neuromuscular Disease Using Mechanical Ventilatory Support.
Park, Jung Hyun , Kang, Seong Woong , Kim, Eun Joo , Ha, Young Ran
Ann Rehabil Med. 2004;28(2):157-162.
Non-invasive Mechanical Ventilator Care for the Patients with Advanced Neuromuscular Disease.
Kang, Seong Woong , Park, Jung Hyun , Ryu, Ho Hyun , Kang, Yeoun Seung , Moon, Jae Ho
Ann Rehabil Med. 2004;28(1):71-77.
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