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The Intra-articular Shoulder Injection of Botulinum Toxin A on Stroke Patients with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.
Kang, Jin Woo , Song, Sun Hong , Koo, Jung Hoi , Kim, Dong Kyu , Joo, Young Jin , Kim, Tae Hoon , Joh, Kwang Duk , Kim, Ui Nyeong
Ann Rehabil Med. 2010;34(6):683-690.
Gustatory Change after Sympathetic Ganglion Block in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type I Patient: A case report.
Park, Jung Wook , Cho, Yun Kyoung , Cho, Kyung Eun , Park, Hyung Gyu , Kang, Eun Young , Lee, Sung Hoon
Ann Rehabil Med. 2010;34(3):368-371.
The Relationship between Weight of Backpack and Backpain in Primary School Children in Korea.
Kim, Joon Sung , Kwon, Jeong Yi , Chung, Myung Eun , Oh, Ju Sun , Kim, Yun Hee , Park, Jae Hyun
Ann Rehabil Med. 2010;34(3):265-269.
Effects of Continuous Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation on Pain Response in Spinal Cord Injured Rat.
Bae, Young Kyung , Kim, Su Jeong , Seo, Jeong Min , Cho, Yun Woo , Ahn, Sang Ho , Kang, In Soon , Park, Hea Woon , Hwang, Se Jin
Ann Rehabil Med. 2010;34(3):259-264.
Effect of Depressive Symptoms at Acute Stage on the Course of Disease Progression in Whiplash Patients.
Bok, Soo Kyung , Nam, Seung Ho , Lee, Young Jin , Lee, Chang Kyu , Song, Hwang Jun , Park, Man Chun
Ann Rehabil Med. 2010;34(2):233-237.
Efficacy of Transforaminal Epidural Steroid Injections According to Nerve Root Enhancement.
Do, Sung Jin , Ahn, Sang Ho , Cho, Yun Woo , Shim, Dae Seop , Cho, Hee Kyung , Kim, Han Seon , Jang, Sung Ho
Ann Rehabil Med. 2010;34(2):204-208.
Gender Differences Associated with Pain Patterns and Psychological Variables in Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain Patients.
Lim, Kil Byung , Lee, Hong Jae , Kim, Dug Young , Lee, Kyung Tae , Kim, Ji Yeong , Kim, Seong Soo , Kim, Young Sup
Ann Rehabil Med. 2010;34(2):197-203.
Causes of the Hemiplegic Shoulder Pain.
Yoon, Tea Sang , Kim, Dae Hwan , Park, Jin Woo , Kwon, Bum Sun , Ryu, Ki Hyung , Lee, Ho Jun , Park, Nyo Kung , Shim, Jae Hoon
Ann Rehabil Med. 2010;34(2):158-162.
A Case of Disappeared Complex Regional Pain Syndrome after Spinal Cord Injury: A case report.
Lee, Seung Jae , Kim, Jong Kyu , Han, Jae Duk , Lee, Il Yung
Ann Rehabil Med. 2009;33(6):728-730.
Buttock Pain Secondary to Segmental Neurofibromatosis: A case report.
Lim, Kil Byung , Park, Hai Jin , Lee, Hong Jae , Kim, Dug Young , Kim, Seong Soo
Ann Rehabil Med. 2009;33(5):639-643.
The Prevalence and Clinical Features of Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis in the Patients with Dorsal Back Pain.
Park, Yun Hee , Sung, Duk Hyun , Huh, Jung Phil , Kwon, Jong Won
Ann Rehabil Med. 2009;33(5):564-571.
The Long-Lasting Pattern of the Neuropathic Radicular Pain in An Autologous Nucleus Pulposus Model of Rat.
Kim, Wook Ro , Ahn, Sang Ho , Cho, Yun Woo , Cho, Hee Kyung , Kim, Han Seon , Kim, Su Jeong , Seo, Jeong Min
Ann Rehabil Med. 2009;33(4):477-482.
Ultrasonography-guided Subacromial Bursal Injection of Corticosteroid: A Comparative Study of Two Dose Regimens.
Yoon, Seung Hyun , Kwack, Kyu Sung , Rah, Ueon Woo , Cho, Kye Hee
Ann Rehabil Med. 2009;33(4):402-407.
Diagnostic Approach in Patients Presenting with Inflammatory Back Pain.
Cho, Nam Soon , Sung, Duk Hyun , Kim, Eun Jin
Ann Rehabil Med. 2009;33(4):377-385.
Risk Factor, Job Stress and Quality of Life in VDT Workers with Low Back Pain.
Han, Seung Hoon , Lee, Jae Yong , Kim, Jae Deok , Choi, Kwang Nam , Jang, Seong Ho , Lee, Kyu Hoon , Park, Si Bog , Kim, Mi Jung
Ann Rehabil Med. 2009;33(2):225-236.


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