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Knee Pain: Pain Patterns of Myofascial Pain Syndrome and Degenerative Arthritis.
Kang, Yoon Kyoo , Jo, Ho Sung , Kim, Ki Hoon , Kim, Dong Hwee , Hwang, Mi Ryoung
Ann Rehabil Med. 2003;27(4):561-567.
The Effect of Prolotherapy for Osteoarthritis of the Knee.
Kim, Jong Moon
Ann Rehabil Med. 2002;26(4):445-448.
Effect of Periarticular Injection on Knee Pain in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis.
Kim, Chul Hyun
Ann Rehabil Med. 2002;26(2):198-202.
Effects of Therapeutic Exercise on Patients with Osteoarthritis of Knee.
Na, Young Moo , Seok, Hyun , Park, Yoon Ghil , Seo, Cheong Hoon , Seong, Yeon Jae , Park, Jong Ryool , Moon, Jae Ho
Ann Rehabil Med. 2000;24(5):966-971.
The Effect of Intra-articular Hyaluronic Acid and Steroid Injection in Osteoarthritis of the Knee.
Kim, Sang Beom , Yoon, Kisung , Park, Hee Seok , Kwak, Hyun , Ha, Nam Jin , Park, Jae Sung
Ann Rehabil Med. 2000;24(4):747-755.
The Association of Obesity with Knee Osteoarthritis in a Rural Population.
Lee, Sam Gyu , Seon, Kwang Jin , Han, Seung Sang , Choi, Jin Su , Park, Kyeong Su
Ann Rehabil Med. 2000;24(1):146-153.
Evaluation of the Efficacy of Sodium Hyaluronate to Degerative Osteoarthritis of the Knee.
Ko, Jae Young , Yun, Suk Bong , So, En Ha , Cho, En Su
Ann Rehabil Med. 1999;23(4):842-847.
The Effect of Closed-Needle Irrigation of Knee in Patients with Osteoarthritis.
Mun, Ki Hyun , Oh, Sang Hyang , Kang, Bong Goo , Lee, Yang Gyun
Ann Rehabil Med. 1998;22(1):196-203.
A Study on Osteoarthritis of the Knee and Associated Factors in the Rural Population
Seung Sang Han, M.D., Kwang Jin Seon, M.D., Jai Joong Ahn, M.D., Sung Man Rowe, M.D., Jin Su Choi, M.D.* , Hae Sung Nam, M.D.*
Ann Rehabil Med. 1995;19(4):27.
An Experimental Study of the Effect of Isometric Quadriceps Setting Exercise on the Degenerative Arthritis of the Rabbit's Knee
Tai Ryoon Han, M.D., Jin Ho Kim, M.D., Se Yoon Oh, M.D., Min Ho Chun, M.D. , Min Wook Kim, M.D.
Ann Rehabil Med. 1995;19(3):1.
Therapeutic Exercise in Osteoarthritis
Jin Ho Kim, M.D.
Ann Rehabil Med. 1992;16(1):1-5.


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