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Pediatric rehabilitation
Effects of Concurrent Tasks on Gait Performance in Children With Traumatic Brain Injury Versus Children With Typical Development
Rabiatul Adawiah Abdul Rahman, Fazah Akhtar Hanapiah, Azlina Wati Nikmat, Nor Azira Ismail, Haidzir Manaf
Ann Rehabil Med. 2021;45(3):186-196.   Published online June 14, 2021
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Relationship Between Line Bisection Test Time and Hemispatial Neglect Prognosis in Patients With Stroke: A Prospective Pilot Study
Shinyoung Kwon, Wookyung Park, MinYoung Kim, Jong Moon Kim
Ann Rehabil Med. 2020;44(4):292-300.   Published online August 5, 2020
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Sleep Quality and Attention May Correlate With Hand Grip Strength: FARM Study
Gyuhyun Lee, Sora Baek, Hee-won Park, Eun Kyoung Kang
Ann Rehabil Med. 2018;42(6):822-832.   Published online December 28, 2018
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Relationship Between Cognitive Function and Dysphagia After Stroke
Soo Yung Jo, Jeong-Won Hwang, Sung-Bom Pyun
Ann Rehabil Med. 2017;41(4):564-572.   Published online August 31, 2017
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Effectiveness of Commercial Gaming-Based Virtual Reality Movement Therapy on Functional Recovery of Upper Extremity in Subacute Stroke Patients
Jun Hwan Choi, Eun Young Han, Bo Ryun Kim, Sun Mi Kim, Sang Hee Im, So Young Lee, Chul Woong Hyun
Ann Rehabil Med. 2014;38(4):485-493.   Published online August 28, 2014
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Sequential Analysis of Postural Control Resource Allocation During a Dual Task Test
Ji Hye Hwang, Chang-Hyung Lee, Hyun Jung Chang, Dae-Sung Park
Ann Rehabil Med. 2013;37(3):347-354.   Published online June 30, 2013
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The Correlation between Postural Control and Attention during Performance of Dual Task in Stroke Patients.
Lee, Sook Joung , Chun, Min Ho , Han, Eun Young , Lee, Jin Ah
Ann Rehabil Med. 2010;34(1):20-26.
Clinical Usefulness of Computer Assisted Line Bisection Task for the Assessment of Sensory-Attenional Aspect of Visuospatial Neglect.
Park, Sung Joon , Lee, Hee Dae , Min, Su Jung , Park, Se Hun , Lee, Peter K W , Kim, Yun Hee
Ann Rehabil Med. 2006;30(1):1-6.
Neural Network for Visuospatial Attention in Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury.
Kim, Yun Hee , Park, Ji Won , Ko, Myoung Hwan , Lee, Peter K W
Ann Rehabil Med. 2004;28(5):436-443.
Central Neural Networks of Verbal Working Memory and Visuospatial Attention: An Interference Approach Using Low-frequency Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.
Ko, Myoung Hwan , Seo, Jeong Hwan , Jang, Sung Ho , Yoo, Woo Kyoug , Kim, Yun Hee
Ann Rehabil Med. 2004;28(4):301-305.
Effects of Methylphenidate on Cognitive Impairment Following Brain Injury: A double-blind placebo-controlled study.
Kim, Yun Hee , Na, Seung Yong , Shin, Yong Il , Seo, Jeong Hwan
Ann Rehabil Med. 2000;24(4):611-627.


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