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Effect of Electrical Stimulation on Ankle Plantar Flexor Spasticity in Cerebral Palsy
Chang Il Park, M.D., Ji Cheol Shin, M.D., You Chul Kim, M.D., Seong Woo Kim, M.D., Deog Young Kim, M.D. , Hye Jung Seo, M.D.
Ann Rehabil Med. 1996;20(4):4.
A Study of Hip Deformity in Cerebral Palsy
Joo Hyun Park, M.D., Sae Yoon Kang, M.D., Yeon Joong Yoon, M.D. , Mi Sook Sung, M.D.*
Ann Rehabil Med. 1996;20(4):3.
The Influencing Factors on FIM Score in the Patients with Stroke
Yong Il Shin, M.D., Yun Hee Kim, M.D., Jeong Hwan Seo, M.D. , Yoo Chang Kim, M.D.
Ann Rehabil Med. 1996;20(4):2.
The Effect of TENS, Interferential Current Therapy and Laser on Tail-flick Reflex and Cerebrospinal Fluid β-endorphin Level in Rat
Moon Suk Bang, M.D., Tai Ryoon Han, M.D., Jin Ho Kim, M.D., Shi Uk Lee, M.D., Don Q Kim, M.D. , Bum Sun Kwon, M.D.
Ann Rehabil Med. 1996;20(4):1.
Cold-induced Neuropathy -Case report-
Jehwa Jeong, M.D., Ilhoon Lee, M.D. , Chul Kim, M.D.
Ann Rehabil Med. 1996;20(3):39.
Tracheoesophageal Fistula After Anterior Cervical Spine Screw/Plate Fixation -Case report-
Hyun-Yoon Ko, M.D., Byung Kyu Park, M.D. , Young-Hoon Cha, M.D.
Ann Rehabil Med. 1996;20(3):38.
Sacral Agenesis Associated with Delayed Development -Case report-
Kyoung Ja Cho, M.D., Chang Heon Yi, M.D. , Woong Nam Lee, M.D.
Ann Rehabil Med. 1996;20(3):37.
Primary Erythromelalgia -A case report-
Hong Goo Cho, M.D., Sang Yoon Kim, M.D. , Yang Gyun Lee, M.D.
Ann Rehabil Med. 1996;20(3):36.
Multiple Sclerosis Show up Clincally Definite Finding -A case report-
Yong So Shin, M.D., Oh Kyung Lim, M.D. , Jin Jang, M.D.
Ann Rehabil Med. 1996;20(3):35.
Newly Designed Vest-type Shoulder Forearm Support for the Subluxated Shoulder
Woog Kang, M.D., Won Hee Seo, M.D., Jong Yoon Yu, M.D. , Sang Bae Ha, M.D.
Ann Rehabil Med. 1996;20(3):34.
Foot Pressure Distribution in Normal Subjects and Patients with Hallux Valgus and Pes Planus
Jae Ho Moon, M.D., Han Soo Lee, M.D., Kwang Ik Jung, M.D. , Joo Hye Park, M.D., Dong Soo Lee, M.D.*
Ann Rehabil Med. 1996;20(3):33.
A Clinical Study of Severity of Disability in Patients with Leprosy of Sorocdo Hospital
Jong Cheol Kim, M.D*., Young Gon Kim, M.D., Yoon Ho Lee, M.D., Sang Hoon Lee, M.D., Seok Hwan Yang, M.D., Woon Gi Hong, M.D., Jun Seok Choi, M.D. , Hong Yeol Choi, M.D.
Ann Rehabil Med. 1996;20(3):32.
Isokinetic Values and Cardiovascular Responses of Hip Abductors andAdductors According to Different Positions of Exercise
Tae-Sik Yoon, M.D. , Myung-Shin Kim, M.D.
Ann Rehabil Med. 1996;20(3):31.
A Clinical Study of Organic Brain Syndrome in Traumatic Brain Injury
Hong Goo Cho, M.D., Jae Sang Park, M.D., Bong Goo Gang, M.D. , Yang Gyun Lee, M.D.
Ann Rehabil Med. 1996;20(3):30.
Predominant Lower Extremity Weakness in Stroke Patients
Byung Gyu Joo, M.D., Min Ho Chun, M.D. , Sang Bae Ha, M.D.
Ann Rehabil Med. 1996;20(3):29.
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